Roger's Florida

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kayaking the St. Johns River in Florida

We read the weather reports and talk to our friends in Florida. We know it's HOT. Okay, BEYOND HOT! The water is nearly always cooler than the land. So break out those kayaks and hit the water. This is a recent photo, courtesy of co-author Susan Young, of kayaking on the St. Johns River on a calm morning. Susan leads many such outings. She can be contacted through her webpage at: http://www.susanyoungoutdoors/. Join her for an outing. It'll be cool. :-)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Warning! - Gator Mating Season

Co-author Susan Young just sent us a warning about canoeing/kayaking in Florida during alligator mating season - now! She warns that the drought has driven more gators into smaller water spaces. In one area of Payne's Prairie, they are shoulder to shoulder in a recent photo she sent us. (We tried to get it to you here, but couldn't, so take our word for it.) Seldom does an alligator bother a kayaker, but you might want to stay in the "less crowded" water areas during gator mating season. Susan may be able to give you more information at: