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Monday, August 24, 2009

Florida Turkey

Why did the Turkey cross the road?
We don't really know, but Arnette Sherman of Deland caught this one doing so.
Thanks Arnette for sharing.
We have a book on 25 Wildlife Viewing locations in Central Florida. Please check it out, and all of other Florida outdoor activities books, at:
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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Safe in the Woods - Florida Edition

Safe in the Woods – Florida Edition
As a part of the Florida Master Naturalist training program, Roger Fulton, Palmer Kelly and Randa Anderson developed a 1 hour Powerpoint program, titled How to be Safe in the Woods. It covers the basics of how to explore Florida’s natural areas, safely. Topics include how to read trail markings, what you need to be prepared to go out into the woods, and what to do if you do get disoriented or lost. This program will be presented FREE of charge to selected groups in Central Florida during the months of January-March 2010 as time and space permit. Master Naturalist Roger Fulton will be the presenter. You provide the venue and group and he will provide the laptop and Powerpoint presentation. Call or e-mail to discuss or schedule. 386-956-6089 or More info at

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Joining the 21st Century - Our e-books

For those of you who own iphones, ipods and a host of other new electronic gadgetry, we're trying to keep up with your needs. So now you can download any of our Florida outdoor hiking, biking and wildlife viewing guides to your computer or iphone, etc. in an instant pdf format. And, it's cheaper than the hardcopy version.
Check out all of our titles at:
Any problems, please let me know as we have just started this program.
For those of you not so techy, we'll be happy to ship a book or two to you via U.S. Mail.
Thanks for your continuing support, whatever medium you choose.

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