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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Blue Spring Alliance - Springshed Academy - 2014

Florida’s great springs are in trouble.  The flow and water quality are declining.  Blue Spring in Orange City, FL is no exception.  A recent report by the FDEP finds that the nitrate concentration in the spring is almost fifty percent more than the state allows. 
How do I know this? Because I was in the Springshed Academy for several Wednesday sessions this winter in Deltona, Florida. We covered a little bit about groundwater and the geology below our feet. We discussed how the great springs of Florida, a natural heritage of the land, are deteriorating at man's hand. The tourist industry, as well as the quality of Florida's water supply, are at stake.
I actually graduated from the Blue Spring Alliance's Springshed Academy and now hold the title of Spring Ambassador.  My "job" is to make the public aware of the problems and to speak to social, economic and political groups and individuals to make them aware of the problems and encourage them to "fix" the problems before they get worse.  So if you need a speaker for your group next winter, contact me. It's a very nice Powerpoint presentation and we'll tailor it to your group and time frame. For more information about the Blue Spring Alliance and their work go to:

Volusia Blue Spring - Save it!


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