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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bicycling in Florida

We wondered if bicycling is truly a dangerous sport in the U.S., or is it fear-mongering by the media? So we did some research.There are roughly 80 million bike riders in the U.S. who bike, at least 6 times a year.
Now, look at what that is in terms of zeroes. 80,ooo,ooo,ooo.And our calculator can't handle that number. And in 2007, roughly 700 bike riders died, nationwide. Even if it was 800, you do the division if you can on your own calculator. The precentage is miniscule. Unless you, or your loved one, was one of those.
About 540,000 bicyclists sought treatment at Emergency Rooms in 2007. And 67,000 of those had head injuries. One-half of all injuries were persons under 16 years of age.
So, our conclusion is that if you bike, be careful. And, wear a helmet. Other than that, go out and enjoy bicycling; both on and off road, wear a helmet, and get older than 16.
This is a public service announcement, and a pro-bicycling announcement as well. Please explore our biking books for Northern NY and Central and Northeastern Florida at:
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