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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lyme Disease Information

After a recent run-in with a tick in Florida I developed a red circle around the bite area. Fearing Lyme Disease I consulted a doctor. Since I was in Florida, I learned from the doctor that my chance of contracting Lyme Disease in Central Florida was small. So I will be fine after a few pills. But I wanted to share with all of my readers this Center for Disease Control map so you can see what geographical areas are most vulnerable. The map shows cases of Lyme Disease around the country in 2013.

Clearly the Northeast is at highest risk. Makes sense since Lyme Disease is supposedly named for Lyme, Connecticut.
So just be careful and seek medical attention for any seriously embedded tick. Go to an "urgent care" facility and let them remove it so they can identify it and best evaluate whether or not you need to be treated for Lyme Disease. Don't let it go. From all accounts, it's a debilitating illness once established.
From: Roger Fulton, author of the book Safe in the Woods - Tips, Techniques and Advice for Safety and

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Guarding the Nest - Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge

This photo was taken 3/6/15 near the Myacca Trail at Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge in DeLeon Springs, Florida. She has two chicks in the nest who were camera-shy for this shot.

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