Roger's Florida

Monday, December 27, 2010

Heron vs. Armored Catfish

At Route 44 on the St. Johns River we encountered a very determined Great Blue Heron who had captured what we call an Armored Catfish. Seems the catfish was both too big, and perhaps too armored for this small heron. But it WAS entertaining for about 15 minutes. We never did see the final outcome, but our guess is that the heron finally won out. And I'm glad to be entertained by nature in Florida, rather than the Northeaster and 60 mph winds in New York. Thanks for letting me share your state for a few months.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whooping Crane Migration - and me

My two day trip to Florida was fraught with dangers, (other motorists), weather problems and unexpected problems along the way. The Whooping Cranes had all of the above, without the luxury of Days Inns, hot showers and DOT cleared highways. But then they were led by a person in an ultra-lite aircraft dressed as a Whooping Crane. I had to find my own way!

I am now in Florida and ready to hike the trails of Ocala National Forest for my new book. Anyone interested in joining me on my outings, afternoons and evenings?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Wildlife of Florida

Winter is upon us and the birds and animals are smart enough to head south! That gives locals and visitors alike a great opportunity to view the wildlife in their natural habitats, if you know where to find them. We can help. Our guidebook to wildlife viewing areas in Central Florida will help you find and view alligators, manatee, the elusive and endangered Scrub Jay and a whole host of other wildlife this winter. Check it out at: